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Manufacturer of herbal products

We are one of the oldest herbal products manufacturers in Baltic states and Europe, working and nourishing traditions for more than 138 years. Today, the company’s manufacturing facility is employing the latest technologies and laboratory equipment. “Svencioniu vaistazoles” offers a wide range of herbal products and teas, packaging services, contract manufacturing, and production of private label products. Our main markets are settled in the European Union, CIS, North America, Middle East, and Asia. We are happy to work in such a wide range and always looking for new opportunities to extend our partnership field.



We are located in the center of Europe – Lithuania, a small country in Europe. Lithuania is the land of nature, it has more than 6000 lakes, forests covers 1/3 of the territory, so we are proud to work in such a green and fresh air country. Furthermore, and most importantly, the old traditions of herb usage and knowledge are alive in this region. Lithuania is rich in a variety of herb species, which is determined by the favorable geographical location. The region’s fields, forests, and meadows are plentiful in a variety of greenery. Nature itself helped to create a type of business typical of this region - the collection of herbs. In former times, Lithuanians actively participated in the herb collection, mixing them and using them in medical treatments. Herbs have been the basis of medicine, so expertise in traditional remedies and knowledge of using tea mixtures build the foundation of the herbal industry in Lithuania.

Meet the team


Elmantas Pocevicius



Giedre Seduikiene

Head of quality control department

DSC_7279 copy-Exposure.jpg

Veronika Yerofeeva

Head of production


Vida Narmontienė

Head of quality assurance


Vladimir Pivovar

Production director

Contacts for partnership


Donatas Kiausas

International sales


Julia Nikitsenko

International sales

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