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Quality control

Our independent quality control department strictly monitors all steps of the production processes. Thanks to the latest equipment available, we perform complex quality testing on herbs, intermediate products, and end products at every stage. Phytochemical, radiological, and microbiological testing is done in compliance with the main European pharmacopeia and the guidelines of the World Health Organisation regarding the quality control of medicinal plant materials. This is also confirmed by the international certificates held by the factory: ISO22000, ISO9001, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ECOagros, IFS. 

The leading-edge European technologies combined with the long experience allow not only preparing raw material in good quality but also packing the product into all the forms acceptable to our client starting from loose weighted tea and ending with envelope tea bags satisfying the top requirements. Production is free from artificial additives, colorants, or flavor enhancers. Teabags are made without using any glue or metal elements.

Our certificates

Constant improvements

We continuously upgrade our production lines; thus, final products meet even the strictest requirements of quality control. The highest European requirements for quality apply both to herbal and regular teas produced at the plant. 

Our strong team of qualified specialists and researchers - chemists, pharmacists, scientists, technologists, and biologists - are actively working on the production improvements and development of effective and qualitative products for our clients. Some examples of our recent improvements:

  • Minimizing the usage of plastic material during production.

  • Enriching product compositions to increase their effectiveness.

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