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Why us?

  • “Svencioniu vaistazoles” have their own laboratory and make in house testing, analysis such as phytochemical, radiological, and microbiological testing is done in compliance with the main European pharmacopeia and the guidelines of the World Health Organisation regarding the quality control of medicinal plant materials.

  • Facilities to produce tea bags in many different types: from single filter bags, double filter bags with envelopes to pyramid tea bags packaging.

  • The enormous  variety of tea blends and recipes: possibility to choose from more than 200 blends of different taste, purpose and effect on the human body. Our company can consult in creating tea blends and advise in every step of manufacturing. 

  • Most competitive prices in the global market of herbal infusions.

  • Flexible and small minimum quantities - we make sure that we can meet every partner's needs and expectations.

  • Our company can guarantee short lead time and punctuality which is crucial in such a  dynamic business.

  • All processes are done at the same site – from raw material to finished product. Because of that we can assure high quality in every step.

  • Company's longevity proves our reliability, the pursuit of improving, strong connections and deep knowledge about manufacturing and producing.


Why Lithuania?

  • Perfect climate for growing herbs - in Lithuania there aren't any storms, earthquakes, or very hot days. Soil is moisture-retentive with plenty of organic matter incorporated.

  • We have the cleanest and safe water in the EU. Exclusively all water we consume is from underground depths of 50-70 meters. To save minerals, filtration is not proceeded.

  • Lithuania is located between three main markets: Western Europe, the Nordic countries and the CIS. Lithuania is one of the EU’s main transport hubs and has a port at Klaipeda.

  • The old traditions of herb usage are alive in Lithuania. The country is rich in various sorts of herbs, determined by favorable geographical location and climatic area, whereas the hilly relief, change of soils, and their characteristics result in the seasonal distribution of vegetation. The locals of our country have been gathering herbs and using them for healing since old times. This expertise in traditional medicine and the old ways of using herbs has been conducive to the development of the herbal plant cultivation industry in Lithuania.

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