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Our values and 
fundamental principles

Within a years we clearly ascertain what is the most important for us. Our values are strong, we know that the people make an impact and push the company forward. We are transparent with our teams, each year we gather together to talk about results, changes, challenges, and our wins. We make new goals, talk about new perspectives and opportunities, new ideas and observations are more than welcome from our employees. Our company is committed to assure good work conditions and good internal relations to all our employees, all of them seek better results and meet the company's quality and food safety policy.



The mission of Svencioniu Herbal Factory is dedication to the highest quality of herbal products created with long-lived traditions, deep knowledge, perfected production processes and necessity of innovations.


The vision is to create the products that people love while keeping old traditions and innovations together. Use the ways of sustainable business and make a good impact on our planet.


Our focus areas

We work in accordance with the principles of sustainable business, we create a strong environment and we feel responsible for it. Our company promotes sustainable and responsible organization ideas, spreads positive experiences, the future of people and nature is very important to us. We implement all this through our processes - clean production, good communication with employees and their evaluation, saving resources, minimizing emissions, reducing plastics in production and products, and social responsibility. All of this allows us to achieve better results, move forward, and to be proud of the environment in which we work.

Solar Panels


Part of the energy that is used in manufacturing and producing comes from solar panels. We are observing that this is a very effective way for us to know what our outlays are and integrate more renewable energy formats in the future. “Svencioniu Vaistazoles” has efficiently refined processes, therefore we do not waste energy on unnecessary or irrelevant actions and we have precisely calculated how accurately we need it to perform actions in the factory. We continue to invest in the latest technologies and improve our work by always finding new ways to increase productivity while reducing energy waste.


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