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Our products

Herbal functional teas

Daily and functional teas of highest quality of special blends for wellness and everyday consumption.


One component teas


Pure herbal tea, the oldest known medicine. For internal and external use, wellness and healing.

Fruit teas


Natural fruit teas of pleasant and rich flavour. Produced using mixtures of natural herbs and fruits only.

Tea sets

Various tea sets created for different occasions or celebrations. Each set contains different tea flavors to make a perfect fit for everyone.


Functional teas in doy packs


Created for different health beneficial functions. Made under pharmaceutical certification GMP and HACCP.

Herbal food supplements

Produced on the base of natural juice and honey, free of colorants and preservatives. Used for children and adults wellness and healing.


Herbal capsules and lozenges


Functional food supplements, produced of various herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Dietary fibers

100% natural herbal food supplements of different compounds and formulas for everyday usage. Full assortment, creating offer of functions that are basic for common consumer globally.


Products in sachets

Food supplements and tea are portioned to be easy to use. Products assortment offer various functions for daily life.


Honey tea

Based on honey liquid tea in packets with different flavors. Convenient packaging allows to use product easily and quickly, enjoying natural honey aroma.

honey tea.jpg

Functional honey

An exclusive product based on honey enriched with active ingredients. In each product, the honey blend is unique, adapted to a variety of functions and suitable for everyday use.

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